A New Addition to Your Sunset Isle Experience

AdaBlue Café began life as a mere bar-b-q trailer but as time and money progressed the idea of a roomier place, maybe even some tables, took over and AdaBlue was born. Lots of hours work by Steve Bowman, Fred Miller and deck work by Dale Shoemaker, all carpenters extraordinaire, produced a true silk purse from what could have been considered as a sow's external auditory receptor.

AdaBlue now boasts over 16 flavors of real homemade butter cream fudge and slow cooked bar-b-q including ribs, pulled pork and chicken which some of our guests say is the best they've ever tasted. There are French pastries, daily specials and lots of fresh treats all the time. Also incredibly good baked beans, cole slaw, country greens, smothered stuffed potatoes and - and - and - - - - - -

We ship our fudge to all the lower 48 along with most anything on the menu. Call for pricing and availability.

We also provide complete or partial menus for small get-togethers up to multi-hundred gatherings.

Please call 352-543-5375 or toll free 1-800-810-1103 to make reservations